About Us

Welcome to FitOnTheBoard.

Fit On The Board offers quick and effective solutions on how to gain and maintain your fitness levels while enjoying the exercise and training anywhere you like.
Fit On The Board, quick and effective exercise

My name is Andrea and this project is based on my long-term experience of working with the clients as a personal trainer, Pilates and yoga teacher, gymnastics coach and ski instructor.

I believe that the strong core, correct posture and alignment are the main building blocks for well-being and pain-free life.

The biggest excuse or pain for the majority of people who would like to be fit and live a fulfilled life is the time. I hear this phrase very too often:
                                 “I don't have time for exercise.”

Secondly, it’s consistency or being regular with the training. We start exercising with good intention. Suddenly, we miss a session. Once, twice, three times. Now, I'm sure you know what happens then. We only come back to see our coach when we are aching or when our tummy is getting bigger.

FitOnTheBoard program is a solution for both pains. All you need is 10 minutes of rocking and twisting for minimum two days a week. Each and every one of us can find 10 minutes to improve and maintain his/her health. Simply put your 5 fingers toe socks on, step on the board and follow the exercise routine from the poster on your wall.

For more details and demonstrations we have 7 basic videos pin posted to the top of our Facebook page, Fit On The Board. They safely lead you step-by-step through the moves.

At the same time, our Facebook page provides new videos, challenges, healthy diet tips, recipes, motivational tools and you become a VIP member of our private interactive Facebook group where you can share your progress, ask any questions, find accountability partners or book your own training session with the coach.

To see what the rocking & twisting on the balancing board is about I invite you to watch to watch this introductory video. 

Happy Rocking and Twisting :)